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The healthy qualities of lemons

Don’t look so sour, baby!

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We love lemons – here are our top three reasons why:

  • Strong and nimble: we all know that bananas are a cracking source of potassium, but you can get up to 80 milligrams of potassium to help your body stay strong and nimble from the humble lemon.
  • Support weight loss: lemon juice contains a soluble fibre called pectin, that can help with weight loss making it a great little booster for your goals.
  • Wake up: a shot of hot water and lemon juice in the morning can help kick start your digestive system and also give you an added shot of vitamin C.

If drinking lemon juice straight up is a little too hard core – you can get just as many benefits from eating it. Try out epic smashed avo toast, or crowd-favourite cauliflower rice Lamb-Bam salad – both are packed with the goodness of lemons without the ugly sour face.

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